How to Support Camp

Camp Bindrune

Camp Bindrune
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We call on community to step into our intention for sustaining Winter Witchcamp and our updated Pay as You Can model.

There are many kinds of sustenance, many contributions, and many magics of abundance.  What spells do you have to offer?  If there is something you do not see below, please contact weavers with your idea or just do it! We co-create.

To send a donation, use the Donate button above or send a check to Winter Witchcamp, P.O. Box 7202, Minneapolis, MN 55407. These contribution will financially support Camp as a whole. To support a specific part of Camp such as the Bower, email us at for more information.


Solstice Abundance

We hope to have our Fourth Annual Winter Solstice Bazaar and Cookie Sale fundraiser for WWC. Please help organize the Bazaar! Contact to find out how.

House Concerts and Prosperity Parties

Members of the community have volunteered their talents, art, and time to create beautiful events that bring us together over the year and help us raise funds for the communal support of camp.  Anyone may have an event anywhere that Winter Witchcamp and Reclaiming people congregate.

At Camp Raffle/Auctions

Online auction items and special items created for camp will be raffled during camp, and all raffle ticket sales will go to sustaining the camp budget.  Raffles and auctions have been wonderful community adventures in past, with people adding tickets for others and bidding as a group to ensure that some special person gets a magical item or service.  Raffles give everyone a chance at items, and support access to the beauty and magical arts of our community.



Wish List Items – this list is revolving

Items to be added for camp 2020 as space and camp needs are discovered

______________________________________Wish List for Bower Items

* Condoms (100) (variety of sizes, and latex/non-latex kinds.)
* Dental dams
* Finger condoms
* High quality sheet sets (twin and king)
* Little tubes of lube.
* Latex & not latex gloves.
* Pillows
* Anti-mold zipper bags for storage.
* LED candles

To donate Bower items, please contact Theresa at