Camp Feedback

camp prayer beads



We make this experience together.
We are the magic.
We are the kin and kith bonds.
We are the laughter and tears.
We are the set-up and clean-up.
We are the edge riders.
We are the challengers.
We are the dancers and runners.
We are the sleepers.
We are the myths and the day-to-day.
We are those who make way, and those on the way.
We are the heart.







Please co-create with the weavers, teachers, and hearth by filling out this year’s feedback form (the form will be taken down about mid to late March):

2017 Camp Feedback Form

As we organize and roles are filled for the next camp, help us co-create.  We welcome and hope you will give feedback directly, but if you feel the need to be anonymous, please feel free to access this form and let the weavers, teachers, bower and hearth know what they need to hear.

Any Time Camp Feedback