Teachers and Paths

Each year a team of teachers is selected to facilitate the co-creation of the magical container for the year and call campers into deeper relationship with the story and/or theme of camp. Rituals and paths support this work.

Paths are currently 3 mornings of approximately 3 hours each, facilitated by a pair of teachers.  They may include ritual, spell work, trance, movement, study, discussion, and other tools to create engagement with the theme of the path.  Paths are tailored for access by all campers.

Each year’s camp teaching team will be posted on this site, and path themes and information will be on the site in time for registration.

You can see the continuity teachers for 2018 on the teacher page.  The rest of the teaching team for 2018 will have bio information around July 3, 2017.

Can you feel winter’s sweet, icy breath blowing out from the Northland? Can you feel the clear sunlight of the land of Sumer warming your bones? Get ready for the kiss, get ready to go deep!
The continuity committee has selected the teaching team for Winter Witchcamp 2018!
Our new venue allows for additional campers. To ensure the best experience for all who attend paths, the continuity committee selected an eight member team.
This is the magic of abundance!
We are honored to have these folks as our teaching team for 2018:
Alex (year 3 continuity teacher), Dawn Isidora (year 1 continuity teacher), Irisanya Moon, Jane Meredith, Jessica Dreamer, Preston Coyote Vargas, Rae Eden, and Yule Danu.
In addition, Eddy has agreed to be a resource teacher for cultural appropriation and decolonization work.
Alex, Dawn, Karin, Danny, Miles, and Harper
2018 Camp Continuity Community
Carey, Miles, Karin, Harper, Copper, and SarahBasil
2018 Camp Weavers