2018 Registration and Finances FAQ

Registration for 2018 is not yet scheduled, and there are often slight changes to the format or information about registration.  Below is the the registration page from 2017 which should give you some basics of registration for 2018.

Q: What’s this with early registration, where it isn’t open to everyone right away?

A: As we deepen our understandings of access, we have implemented an early registration period open only to people of color and indigenous people of the Americas as a way to expand the accessibility and hospitality of camp to those with certain marginalized experiences. For the first 5 days of registration (in 2016 this was from Sept 12 – Sept 17 at 12pm CST), we invited only people of color and indigenous people of the Americas to register. If you registered during this early time and are attending camp with someone who will be there for support, they too should have registered early.

Registration opened to everyone on Sept 17 at 12pm CST.

We acknowledge that we are practicing magic on colonized land and this change in registration (started for 2016 camp) is one small way we can confront systems of racism and inequity. Our camp community numbers around 80 people. We see and appreciate the diversity of age, class, gender identity, gender expression, ability, and sexual orientation in our Winter Witchcamp community. We also see that we have less diversity in terms of racial and cultural heritage backgrounds as we are a community of mostly white people of European descent. We listen with open hearts to hear what more we can learn during these changes.


Q. Since you aren’t using PayPal, how do I pay using my credit or debit card?

A.Winter Witchcamp uses free software called WaveApps for our accounting and digital payments (started for 2016 camp). You can read more about Wave here. We have made changes to the ways we accept payment to allow for better record keeping, integration with our accounting processes, and the tracking of payment installments and refunds. If you elect to pay any amount with a credit or debit card, your emailed confirmation with invoice from camp will include a link with instructions. Using the link in the invoice, you will be able to securely pay online with your debit or credit card through Stripe. You will also receive an emailed statement after a payment has processed.

We will still happily take checks or money orders (and your lovely cards and artwork) mailed to our post office box.

As there was with PayPal in years past, there will be a 3% fee in addition to registration for using Stripe – there is no fee for mailing a check. As an example, a registration amount of $375.00 would have an online payment fee of $11.25. We also welcome individualized, multiple payments in installments (you can pay any portion of the total owed at any time).


Q: How old do I have to be to attend Camp? Can I attend with my baby or child?

A: You must be at least 18 years of age to attend Camp. No babies or children are allowed at Camp due to the intense nature of the personal work that is often done during Camp.


Q: Can I drink alcohol or do recreational drugs at Camp?

A: Camp is a clean and sober space. In fact, we ask that you agree to leave recreational drugs, alcohol, fireworks, and firearms at home.


Q: What is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?

A: Space is limited. When camp fills up we will begin a waiting list to fill any cancellations. We will work individually with campers who cancel and need to request a refund, and our process will take into account factors such as individual need, camp’s fundraising efforts, and camp attendance, with an ultimate goal of harmony for both camp and our campers.


Q: Are there any Private Cabins Available?

A: Most of our camp housing is in cozy heated bunk houses with anywhere from 6 to 12 people per room. However, there are 2 more private cabin rooms that can house a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people each. We are offering these at an additional cost of $200 per cabin (so for 2 people it’s $100 extra per person, or $67 each for 3, or $50 each for 4).

Please email us to request these cabins and give us the names of those campers who wish to stay there. These cabins will be given out in the order they are requested. We will email you back to let you know whether they are still available and to make payment arrangements. (Note that these cabins do not have an attached restroom. Some of the larger bunk buildings do have restrooms within the building, if that is something you require or desire.)

Both semi-private cabins have been reserved for 2017 Camp as of 11/2/16. If you would like to be on a waiting list for these after they have been reserved, feel free to contact us.


Q: How does “Pay as You Can” Work?

A: For the 2017 camp, we have chosen to explore a pay as you can model for supporting camp expenses. You can find more information about the decision on our Pay as you Can page.

All campers who register will have the opportunity to designate their registration amount in support of camp (this also includes those with roles like kitchen, weavers, teachers, bower, etc., some of whom also receive stipends for their work). This magic allows us to take into account the many variables in our own lives that we bring to the financial part of camp – what will travel cost to get me there, do I need to provide care giving for someone while I’m gone, am I expecting a big pay raise that will let me spend more on my values and fun and development, do I want to support someone else’s trip to camp in honor of an ancestor or beloved, am I on a fixed income, did I have a recent medical expense, did I just get a big birthday gift from someone? So many things factor in to what we can pay. For some of us registration for camp has a significant impact to our monthly income. For others it is something that touches or challenges our values about money, our comfort level with communal sharing, or our day-to-day small luxuries. For others of us, this isn’t going to be hard at all; money isn’t a big deal emotionally or in our budget.

As we have a camp value of exploring accessibility, we are working to hold space for deeper listening and understanding of matters of class and privilege. We choose to open the way for these threads to be present and visible, and we choose to believe that the bounty of campers as a whole is enough to meet the expenses of creating this amazing cauldron. We ask that all hold the space with us by your thoughtful choice of what to pay.

When you register, you will select the amount you are designating to pay for camp, even if that is zero. Everyone will receive a confirmation of the amount they selected, and will need to affirm attendance at camp by responding to that with a “yes” response for $0, or a deposit.

As a general guide, it costs approximately $300 for each person for the full experience, and we are suggesting between $0 and $600.

We trust the choices of campers, we trust the abundance of this camp that has operated so well for so many years.

We also have a “How you can support camp” webpage you can look at to see where we’re at with this year’s fundraising!

(For more on class and economics, check out resources like Class Matters or United For a Fair Economy.)


Q: How do payment installments work? By what date do I need to pay in full?

A: It is fine to pay your registration fee in one lump sum or by several installments. If you choose to pay in installments, it’s up to you to manage the amounts and dates. You can either mail us several checks over the time between now and Dec 21, or you can pay several smaller amounts with a debit or credit card. If you choose to switch from check or money order to debit card or credit card, contact us and we will make sure to get the accurate Stripe payment information to you.

Your full camp registration fee must be paid in full by Winter Solstice, December 21, 2016.

This is a little bit earlier than in past years to ensure we have ample time for additional fundraising should we not meet our goal with Pay as You Can.


Q: What happens to my registration payment?

A: If you mail us a check, one of the Weavers trucks down to the Powderhorn Post Office Box in South Minneapolis to get our mail, and then deposits it within about 2 weeks of you mailing it. If you include artwork or cards with your payment, we circulate them at our meeting and include them in our annual Book of Shadows. Winter Witchcamp banks at Bremer Bank, a local banking operation that we feel great about using. If you would like to know more about Bremer, you can read about it here and here.

If you would like to submit your payment online, Winter Witchcamp is using free software called WaveApps for our accounting and digital payments. By using cloud software, we can ensure that all of the current and future weavers and financial spinners who work to balance our books, pay our partners and staff, and track our funds can access information easily and quickly – this helps us make good use of our busy volunteer schedules and ensure the sharing of power. You can read more about Wave here. Wave partners with Stripe to accept payment by debit and credits cards. Tracking payments made by PayPal was time consuming and difficult and we are looking forward to being able to easily integrate the various moving pieces of camp’s finances.


Q: How does my registration payment get used?

A: We welcome you to call or email us with questions and encourage everyone to participate in the financial roundtable held at camp each year to learn more about camp finances.  Some high level summaries of our current finances include:

  • Winter Witchcamp 2016 achieved a balanced budget.
  • With our new Pay As You Can model, we no longer have a budget to “balance.” Instead, we have what we are calling the Cauldron of Possibility, with a target amount to raise of $25,000. Our expenses include the fees we pay for our site, food, insurance, the payment of travel and stipends for our teachers, the stipends for our kitchen roles, and various expenses like our PO box, website, and supplies. Volunteers such as Weavers and Spinners are not paid stipends. All individuals with roles (such as teachers, hearth witches, bower priestesses, and Weavers) are invited to pay in the same Pay As You Can framework as campers.
  • We currently have about $17,000 in our reserves. We strive to have enough reserve funds to cover our contractual expenses in case a major event like a Snow Pony Stampede (think of a magical blizzard…) impacted attendance at camp.
  • Freya’s Bower operates independently and generates funds for Bower supplies through its own fundraising activities. Its Priestesses volunteer their time; any stipends for set-up, tear down and other assistance come out of its budget.
  • The model for Treasurer is currently similar to that of the camp Continuity Teacher. A Weaver hopefully serves as a Treasurer for three years: the first year shadowing the tenured Treasurer, the second year solo, and the third year mentoring an incoming Weaver Treasurer. At the conclusion of Weaving, the outgoing Treasurer serves as the Financial Spinner for camp, assisting with financial and historic continuity, answering questions, and reviewing the year end books. For the 2016 Camp, Chuck is Treasurer and former Weaver Rae is the Financial Spinner. Copper is shadowing Chuck as treasurer to move into that role next year.

If you would like to know more about our finances, email us with questions and join us at the roundtable during camp.