Pay as You Can Information

Snow labyrinth hearts and lake 2016 Winter Witchcamp

Snow labyrinth hearts and lake 2016 Winter Witchcamp

We are continuing the pay as you can model for 2018 with a suggested sliding scale of $0 to $600 based on the approximate cost per person at Camp being $380, which is an increase due to our new more accessible site.

Camp is a living, breathing web of interdependence and weavers hope that this changing relationship to money will be one way we can put our values into action. This magic emerged during our normal budget process which incorporated feedback and suggestions from community over the years as well as examination of our Camp values.

We committed to this model one year at a time, in an effort to bring witches to Camp who might otherwise be unable to attend or for whom attendance is a financial hardship. We still see this shift of our relationship to money as a powerful act of magic and trust in the abundance and communal values of our community. Weavers welcome direct and specific feedback from community about this on an ongoing basis. We evaluate the sustainability of the model each year, with community feedback.

How did this work for registration in 2017?

  • Early registration for people of color and indigenous people of the Americas opened several days ahead. Those self-identified people of color and/or indigenous people of the the Americas along with anyone attending for support/attending with them, apply under early registration.
  • General registration opened in mid-September on a Saturday and filled within 2 hours.
  • When registering (if paying more than $0), campers were asked to pay a deposit of $50 or 25% of the amount they chose to pay.
  • Campers were asked to commit to paying the balance of the amount chosen, based on ability, from $0 to $600 by winter solstice.

We continue to step out into the unknown. It may get messy, and that is where brilliance can emerge. The details may change slightly for 2018 and beyond, the ways we contribute to our community’s beloved event may shift. We trust the hard work and magic of the process.  As in the past, we will set a budget and commit to meeting our costs in a number of ways.

Fundraising will continue to happen and will support Camp in this new model in the same way the fundraising for the scholarship fund supported Camp in the past. Instead of a single fundraising event determining which few get very small scholarships to attend camp, we trusted in the hearts and commitment of our community to give what they could to make Camp happen.  We are evaluating the sustainability of continuing; we are evaluating camp values and how best to live them.

We are dreaming that the new sliding scale will be sustainable over many years.  We have prudent reserves, which are set up to cover costs of camp in the case of an emergency, and we also have plans to include building the reserves over time.  We are still committed to experiencing this process as a profound and transformative magical act.  

Feedback can be submitted via email to, by phone at (320) 428-0193, or by grabbing a Weaver and having a conversation.

See the original Pay as You Can Announcement 2017 here