Winter WitchCamp 2018 Prosperity Spell


Winter’s kiss draws us down deep

We are not alone.

We dare to manifest prosperity.

This year, we journey.

This year brings blessings of growth and uncertainty.

This year brings blessings of abundance and mystery.

We walk with Freya.

We move from one beloved home to a new home.

We move from Lake Wapogassett to Grindstone Lake.

Our new home is a refuge and place of safety for the wild, for our non-human allies.

As we move, we expand our vision of what is possible.

We seal our magic in a bind rune.


We light the nyd-fire!


We call to the wealth of community!

We honor the gifts that bind us together!


We call to the wealth of mystery!

We honor the animal and plant allies in our new home!


We call to the wealth of humanity!

We honor our beloved Winter WitchCamp community!


We call to the wealth of money!

We honor the inherent complexity of money as a tool,

and move towards a living economy!



This is a spell of prosperity.

So it is written, so it is spoken, and so it is.


Prosperity Spell Bindrune 2018

Prosperity Spell Bindrune 2018