Joybligations Witch: Work Trade Position

THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED FOR 2017: we are excited to welcome briar sparkle sparkle sparkle back to Winter Witchcamp as our fabulous Joybligations Witch!

The primary responsibility of the Joybligations Witch is to ensure that joyful obligations are fulfilled as needed (these are shifts that all campers sign up for in order to contribute to our Camp community by doing things like washing dishes, prepping for meals, chopping vegetables, busing dirty dishes, sweeping or vacuuming, and more).  At the start of camp, the Joybligations Witch will help with registration and make sure that campers have signed up for their shifts, giving first priority for shifts that can be performed while sitting to those with limited mobility.

Over the course of camp, the Joybligations Witch will check to ensure that campers show up to perform their joyful obligations as needed.  If someone who signed up doesn’t show up and cannot be found, or we have open shifts, the Joybligations Witch will seek out volunteers to fill vacancies as needed.  If there are no volunteers, then the Joybligations Witch will perform that task.

Additional responsibilities for the Joybligations Witch include working with the Weavers to coordinate announcements at mealtimes, and assisting with the raffle that takes place after dinner each evening of camp.  In the course of doing these things and working closely with the Weavers, the Joybligations Witch will get a sense of the behind-the-scenes work of Winter Witchcamp.

Even with being “on call” much of the time, the Joybligations Witch will still be able to participate in the morning path of their choosing, as well as attend and participate in the evening rituals.  In return for their service, their registration fee for camp (which includes food and lodging at Camp, but not travel costs) is covered in full.

Candidates for the Joybligations Witch work trade position will need to arrive at camp on the afternoon of the day before the other campers arrive in order to help prepare the joyful obligations schedule and assist with Camp setup as needed.  They would leave camp after the closing ritual on Monday, along with the other campers.

Those who would like to apply for this position are asked to email a letter of interest (further application details will be shared later this summer).

In this letter, we invite applicants to include relevant experience in this kind of work (witch camp organizing or support roles, volunteer coordination, event coordination or management, facilities work, etc).  In addition, we invite each applicant to describe how they would contribute to the magic of camp by fulfilling these responsibilities.

Those who fill these roles don’t pay any registration fees to attend Winter Witchcamp, but do still need to register. If you are applying, please register for Camp as soon as possible and be sure to indicate that you’re applying for the kitchen or work trade position. If you would request a scholarship if you didn’t get one of these positions, please indicate that on your registration just in case you aren’t selected for the position.