The Core of Camp

Our Camp Intention:
From Freya’s Hall, Winter Witchcamp seeks to deepen our connection to the land of the upper Mississippi River. We revere and revel in the beauty and wonder of winter. As a community, we are awakening to our skills as conscious co-creators of the multiverse in order to manifest more loving, beautiful, and joyful worlds, families, clans, and camps.

In support of our vision for Winter Witchcamp:

  • We engage in the multiverse – the worlds of humans, nature, ancestors, spirit and the Mysterious Ones – in open-hearted and open-minded relationship;
  • We respect the needs of both the individual and the group;
  • We are welcoming, inclusive and supportive of each other as a community;
  • We honor the many forms of service and leadership that support our diverse camp community;
  • We embrace conscious co-creation and the transformative work of ritual and spiritual service;
  • We recognize that we are sacred beings and celebrate our physical, intellectual, and spiritual pleasures;


Acknowledgments and Agreements:

We have been more deeply examining our relationship to the land, including living beings and ancestors, in the region where our camp is held annually.

We acknowledge that all land claimed by the United States government (and by European immigrants before the establishment of the United States) was taken at the expense of indigenous peoples. We recognize that we hold our camp on colonized land. We are actively examining what this means, and how we can be accountable and active allies to indigenous people of this region. (Here is a list of Tribal Nations in Minnesota.)

We honor the Runes and the Norse Mysteries. We are aware that some who honor those Mysteries are also white supremacist. We definitively do not align with those beliefs and actively work toward social justice, including racial justice, as well as honoring diversity and multiplicity in all of its forms in our tradition.


Our Location and Travel:

Winter Witchcamp is held at a site about 90 minutes North from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We are traveling to a new home this year!  More information can be found about our past home on our camp history and culture page,

For those planning travel, arrival time is mid-day on a Thursday and departure time is just after lunch the following Monday. The closest airport is MSP (Minneapolis/St Paul).  Exact Location and transportation details are provided to campers after they register.

We have a strong culture of hospitality and so encourage people to ask for help getting from the cities or the airport to camp.  We have a spinner who coordinates rides and lodging in the cities if need be so that everyone gets to camp!


Abundance and Budget:

Sinking into the tension and balance between sustainability, accessibility, just compensation, and necessity, the WWC Weavers have decided to adjust the Pay as You Can model for WWC 2019 to a sliding scale of $100 to $880, with a non-refundable deposit of $50. The budgeted cost of camp per camper is $456. We hope that people who can will pay more than the average cost per camper to support those who need to pay less.  Read the Pay as You Can update for more details.

We depend of the generosity of spirit in our community to continue the work and joy of camp.  See more at How to Support Camp.  Please contact us directly with any feedback.


The Magic of Conflict:
Harmony Restoration Cell and Support Team at Camp