Story/Theme and Teacher Selection Process

The Continuity Committee (CC)Ice in the labyrinth

The continuity committee facilitates the theme or story, and teacher selection process for each year of camp.  It is made up of 3-4 members:

  • Community members serve for 3 years with 1 year overlapping with the next community member.
  • One weaver serves on the committee for 2 of their 3 years of weaver service.
  • Each continuity teacher serves on the committee for 2 of their 3 years of teacher service.

The committee is small for ease of meeting and flexibility of process.  One early learning was that large numbers of members slowed the consensus process too much for camp planning.

Selection of CC members:

  • An open call to community will go out when a new community member is needed.  The new member will be selected by the CC and reviewed by weavers before camp starts.
  • The oncoming continuity teacher will shadow the all-camp theme/story meeting in their first year and replace the outgoing continuity teacher in their second year.
  • When a weaver has served two years on the committee, the weavers will select a new weaver to replace the outgoing weaver, and the new weaver member will be mentored through the transition by the outgoing weaver.

Qualities of committee members include:

  • Has been to WWC more than once, and has an ongoing commitment to the WWC community
  • Familiarity and commitment to the Reclaiming Principles of Unity
  • Works effectively and inclusively in groups
  • Able to work creatively and effectively with diverse points of view
  • Reliable and follows through on commitments
  • Able to attend a face-to-face meeting in April
  • Willing to participate in self-directed independent review of teacher candidates
  • Able to make a commitment to the position
  • Able to hold confidentiality
  • Has a working knowledge of consensus process
  • In addition, we call to the gifts you have, or might like to develop; such as gifts of community leadership, experience with Reclaiming camps or teachers, and gifts of community work or organizing.

Here is a visual of the committee membership over time:

Continuity Team Membership Flow

Theme and/or Story Selection

  • There will be a pre-camp online intake form for ideas from the community.
  • There will be an at-camp dropped and open on Sunday with a dot vote that includes the drop and open and online form ideas facilitated by the continuity committee. At the end of that meeting the results will go to the Continuity Committee to decide on the story / theme.
  • The CC will publish the story/theme before the call for teachers.
  • The CC will publish a call for teachers
  • The CC will select the teachers.
  • The story/theme will go to the teachers to spin the story/theme.

Teacher Selection

Once a story/theme has been finalized, the CC sends out a call for teachers.  The call includes the year’s theme/story and goes out to the larger Reclaiming communities, and may also be targeted to pools of teachers who have expressed interest in teaching at Winter Witchcamp (WWC) or who are part of the WWC community already.  The CC is working to improve the “library” of teachers with interest in WWC.

In April, the CC will meet face-to-face in a process to review all teachers who have said they were interested.

The CC will provide the list of selected teachers to the weavers for final review.  Weavers and CC will determine the process and options if weavers feel that there are issues with the fit of the teaching team into the overall web of camp.  This will be very rare.

The CC will contact teachers to ensure they are still available and interested, and will confirm readiness for teaching.  They will also notify any teaching applicants whose applications were not chosen.

The teaching team will be defined and approved by end of May.

Continuity Teacher Selection

Continuity teachers will be selected from the same pool of possible teachers, except that they must have taught at Winter Witchcamp at least once.  The continuity teacher is chosen for 3 years of service to ensure smooth flow of the magic, story, and culture of camp over multiple years.  The CC provides a selected new continuity teacher to the weavers no later than September.  Weavers and CC will determine the process and options if weavers feel that there are issues with the fit of the continuity teacher into the overall web of the next 3 camps.

Qualities of Continuity Teachers:

  • Deeply committed to Winter Witchcamp
  • Has been a teacher at least once for Winter Witchcamp.
  • Ideally has taught at 2 or more Witch Camps.
  • Actively teaching in home community (examples: work within one’s own local coven, volunteering in a soup kitchen, offering workshops, organizing local events, etc.).
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Willing to make 3-year commitment to Winter Witchcamp.
  • Willing to use email, phone and face-to-face meetings to interface.
  • Ability and willingness to continue the magic of Winter Witchcamp from year to year.
  • Will not serve as a Continuity Teacher at any other Witch Camp during their 3 years of serving as Winter Witchcamp Continuity Teacher.

Schedule for Continuity Teachers
Year 1: the new CT is mentored by the current CT while both on the Camp’s teaching team.
Year 2: the CT is solo and helps select the next year’s team and the upcoming CT.
Year 3: the existing CT mentors the new CT coming on board while both on the Camp’s teaching team.

CC Transparency and Confidentiality

The CC will  publish information on the theme/story process along with the story for the year.

Teacher and continuity teacher selection is a balance between confidential discussions, and ensuring enough visibility for community trust of the process.  Confidentiality honors and respects all who apply, as well as the ability to have frank and important conversation about the balance of each team, strengths and weaknesses of individuals, and teacher matches to the themes, stories, and longer magical arcs of camp.  The CC and weavers are in an ongoing process to increase the transparency of the process without harm to teachers or the process.