Dear Community, Welcome to our Hearth page!

We are very excited about the upcoming 2017 Winter Witchcamp as we introduce a new leadership model for the hearth—a Team Lead model with Angela and Abbie sharing the lead role—as well as a new plan of action for the delivery of meals.

The Kitchen Team is excited to bring together a new team for a new year as we continue our work within the hearth and with you as campers! One of the key intentions of the Kitchen Team this year is to integrate the kitchen majick with the greater camp majick.

We are proposing a few changes in the year to come with the hope that the Kitchen Team and its joybligations participants will be able to participate with the rest of camp to their fullest ability. Integrating the hearth into the camp experience, and vice versa, is a key focus for us this year.

Some of the changes include working the majick and people-power to care for an extensive variety of dietary needs, while providing nutritious and majically delicious meals for everyone at camp.

Due to this increase of dietary needs and sensitivities, the Kitchen Leads have developed a plan that will hopefully empower and allow each camper to make the best food choices for them. Our hope is that this new initiative will also reduce waiting time in line for specialty foods to be served, so that both the camper and the Kitchen Team are able to participate fully in the camp experience.

We also hope to provide campers with special dietary needs tours of the hearth to help you feel comfortable in caring for yourself in a space that may be (initially) unfamiliar.

As we’ve listed on the camp registration form, our new plan for food options is as follows:

  1. Omnivore/no food sensitivities: this food will generally be prepared with both meat and vegetables, butter, gluten, any spices, etc.
  2. Vegan and vegetarian: a similar dish to the omnivore meal, however it will not include dairy, meat, or other animal products and byproducts. These dishes will also likely be gluten free.
  3. Skyclad: a version of the foods prepared for the other groups, but without any seasoning. This will allow people with allergies to choose their own plain dietary option and then add sauces and spices as preferred (we will provide a small assortment of these).

Severe allergies should be listed in your registration form if they are deadly.

All ingredients in each dish will be labeled, so people can make their own informed choices during meal times.

There is room for some flexibility in which dishes you choose, but we would like to know generally which type of meal you would prefer.

If you have questions or specific dietary needs that you feel this plan does not cover, please contact the Kitchen Leads (2017 these are Abbie and Angela) or Weaver Kitchen Liaisons (2017 these are Chuck and Carey). Send an email to wwcregister@gmail.com and we will make sure it reaches them.