With the 2018 move to a new location, the hearth for Winter Witchcamp will be transforming in new and magical ways.  What we know right now is that the new location will be providing all meals, and can accommodate food sensitivities, allergies, and dietary needs with some notice.  Vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore eating will be in the menus for certain.  They are also willing to provide locally sourced and organic foods as much as possible.

There will be space on the registration form to help give the hearth staff at the site good information about your needs.  As always severe allergies should be listed on your registration form.

We are working to explore new hearth magic that may come forward in this new space and ways that we can still provide sustenance to each other in creative ways.

Snacks may be one area where this magic is built.  Check here for more information as 2018 camp dives down and seeds in new earth.