Call for Teachers: apply by May 14th

Plans for Winter Witchcamp 2018 are well under way.  Camp will be held, in a new location, roughly 95 miles north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota (USA), on February 22-26, 2018. (Please note that this year, camp will take place a week later than in previous years). At this 18+ camp, we honor the Reclaiming Principles of Unity and the conscious co-creation of the world in which we live. You can learn more about the values and culture of Winter Witchcamp at

This year our teaching team will include our continuity teacher Alex Iantaffi for their third and final year and our new continuity teacher Dawn Isidora for their first year.

If you are interested in teaching at Winter Witchcamp 2018, please send us a statement of interest via email letting us know that you want to be considered for next year’s teaching team. We will be particularly interested in learning:

  • how teaching at Winter Witchcamp calls to you;
  • your relationship to Winter Witchcamp community;
  • what skills and experience you are best able to offer our camp community;
  • whether you have any specific path ideas;
  • how you connect to our story, to Inanna and Sumerian mythos;
  • whether you have experience facilitating/participating in conversations about cultural appropriation and what skills you would bring to camp based on that experience.

An introduction to the story and resources for the story itself can be found here: 2018 Camp Story – The Descent of Inanna

If you need assistance with accessing the story, please let our continuity teacher know by emailing

Please also make sure that you have updated your teaching application at We are asking to hear from you by May 14th, 2017, at midnight Central time. Please send your emails of interest and intent to

If selected to teach, you must be able to commit to monthly video-calls from June-February, as well as arriving in the Twin Cities by the evening of Monday, February 19th, 2018 so that planning can start in the morning of Tuesday the 20th, 2018. We will be extending invitations to our teaching team by the end of May 2017.

Blessings from the land of beauty, snow, cold, and ice!

— Winter Witchcamp Continuity Committee
Alex, Danny, Dawn, Harper, Karin, Miles.

— 2018 Winter Witchcamp Weavers
Carey, Copper, Harper, Karin, Miles and SarahBasil.