Call for Teachers: apply by May 26th

Winter Witchcamp 2020 will be working with Gullveig: The Prophecy of the Witch. Camp will be held in Minnesota on February 20–24, 2020. At this 18+ camp, we honor the Reclaiming Principles of Unity and the conscious co-creation of the world in which we live. You can learn more about the values and culture of Winter Witchcamp at

If you’re interested in joining our continuity teachers, Dawn Isidora and Irisanya Moon, on the Winter Witchcamp 2020 teaching team, please do the following no later than Sunday, May 26, 2019:

  1. Send a letter of interest to We’d like to learn:
    • about your experience with and interest in the Winter Witchcamp community;
    • about your experience with and interest in working with Gullveig;
    • any specific path ideas. (At Winter Witchcamp, we have three path days – not long enough to cover a complete Elements of Magic core class; do you have ideas of how to offer pertinent intro material to those new to Reclaiming in the space of three path days?)
  2. Update your teaching application at

We will contact all applicants during June, with the selection process outcome. If selected to teach, please plan to commit to: monthly video-calls from June through February; arrive in Minneapolis by the evening of Monday, February 17, 2020 for pre-camp planning.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Winter Witchcamp Continuity Committee: Abbie, Danny, Dawn, Irisanya and Molly
The Winter Witchcamp Weavers: Danny, Joey, Karin, Matt, Miles, Molly and Yarrow