2020 Paths

Laughter in the Fire of Initiation
with Jarrah and Dawn Isidora

The holy fire beckons. The flame of initiation calls. Claimed by smoldering brilliance and flickering shadows, our souls are pierced through and blossom with light. Laughing, the immortal witch is revealed…

Sometimes we seek initiation and sometimes, unbidden, initiation seizes us. It can be the delightful flourishing of our life-force and the most profound expression of our devotion to the sacred. And it can be arduous and tempering, fraught with uncomfortable challenges and labor. Initiation might be the treasured revelation of our own most mysterious self and it might be the most frightening confrontations at our very edges. Sometimes there is pain, and piercing spears, and burning flames. Sometimes initiation is all that we survive. And always initiation is the process of change, the ever-beginning revolution. Tracing the laughing fire of the godds, we evoke our whole unruly selves into the processes of vital transformation.

If you have claimed or been claimed by the initiatory process and are called to seek the mysteries of the witch, please join us. This will be an experiential path exploring themes of personal initiation. In a supported container we will engage in intense and deep work with the initiatory forces always at play in our individual lives. Through processes of self-enquiry, shadow play, powerful expression and embodiment, and creative ritual and trance-work we will delve into our stories as witch and priestex.

This is a path for experienced witches who thoroughly know themselves and their tools. Participants will need to have a fierce commitment to self-responsibility and an established and regular spiritual/magical practice. You will require comprehensive skills in ritual techniques like grounding, trance, working life-force; self-care and managing personal mental health; personal and shadow work/journaling practices. This is not a path offering initiation into Reclaiming tradition, nor is it intended towards those seeking formal initiation in any tradition. If you have questions, contact dawnisidora@comcast.net and Jarrah jstaggard@gmail.com

“… Gullveig was hoist on spears and in the High Ones hall, three times they burned the-three times born… yet she lives”

Hidden Visions & Lost Songs: Encountering the Magic of the Northern Ones
with Irisanya Moon and Lisa Valkyrie

From the farmhouses, the long houses, and the deep forests come the lost songs – those haunting songs that sing us, those songs that move beyond words, the songs of encountering:

“Many spirits,” said she, “have been present under the charm, and were pleased to listen to your song, who before would turn away from us, and grant us no such homage. And now are many things clear to me which before were hidden both from me and from others.”
   — The völva Thorbjorg in The Saga of Erik the Red

Through the power of song to raise the spirits, the Norse witches, the völvas, were of service as seeresses, magic practitioners, healers, and advisers, to both their community and to the gods. And so can we be.

In this raven-winged, darkly lit path of veneration and encountering, where time stretches beneath and beyond, we seek to collect tools and practices for whatever might happen next. Perhaps you are already a warrior for change, one who shows up again and again for a heartbreaking world. Perhaps Gullveig calls and inspires you to the path of knowing and burning and trusting and being reborn.

Calling on the wisdom of Freyja and Odin, we will fly as beasts and birds, and change our shape, our fylgjur travelling before us. We will sit-out and listen to the wind in the trees for wisdom. We will use glamour and create hugr, thought-forms to travel where we cannot. We will step up to sink deep down into the underworld to speak with the dead. We will sing the dead up, and honour our ancestral guardian spirits.

Stepping up and onto the place of seeing and knowing and trusting, we enter the space that is time between time, the opening that challenges, dares, and asks us to be in service.

And with service comes sacrifice. For what is learned must be given freely.

And what we offer to another, we offer to ourselves.

Please bring your journal, water bottle, and runes (if you have some). Elements of Magic is recommended as we will expect knowledge of Reclaiming-style trance, grounding, energy raising, and participatory rituals.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions: Irisanya (irisanya.moon@gmail.com) and Lisa Valkyrie (lisa.lind.reclaiming@gmail.com).

The Cauldron of Reclaiming
with Pabs and Raven Edgewalker

Can you imagine a huge, bubbling cauldron filled with swirling threads of magic? A place of change, a place of mystery, a place of transformation, a place where community gathers? Perhaps you can conjure for yourself an idea, a shape, an image, a wondering of what such a cauldron might be like for you.

We have long described the Reclaiming Tradition as a cauldron, resting on three legs: One leg of magic, one leg of healing and one leg of activism, with all three supporting the cauldron into which these magics flow and weave together into a Tradition that is unique, potent and powerful.

In this path we hope to explore the Tradition’s depths, to listen to its voice, to taste its unique brew, and perhaps to be transformed by its magic.

Together we will explore the ecstatic, experiential, participatory magic of Reclaiming. We will work with some of the foundational, core tools of Reclaiming, delving into what it actually means to fully participate in ecstatic ritual, to work with energy, to work with trance and much more. We will explore the myriad ways we can take our work out into the world as both activists and witches, and hope to support each other in learning what it is that we need to heal in ourselves, our lives, and the world around us.

We are delighted, excited and impatient to invite you to dive with us into the bubbling depths of this incredible Cauldron!

We call those to this path who desire to explore and engage the magics that create our beloved tradition. We call those for whom Reclaiming might be a new path they are encountering and want to know more! We call to those who may be experiencing their first Witchcamp! We call to those who wish to deepen their practice, maybe into community priestessing or other leadership roles! We call to those who have questions and want to know more (we might send you away with yet more questions)!

This path is open to all, it has no prerequisites. We are committed to making this work accessible to all who wish to attend. If you have questions around accessibility (or anything else), please contact us to chat: Ravenedgewalker@gmail.com / pablo.roman@gmail.com

You will likely wish to bring a journal, writing or art materials, and we will update you closer to camp with any other path supplies we might use as we take the plunge into this Cauldron!

Down From The High Seat: Ethics and Ecstasy in Oracular Practice
with River and Amoret

“They named her Heith
when she came into their homes,
a sorceress who foresaw good things.
She knew magic,
she knew witchcraft,
she practiced witchcraft.
she was the pride
of a [wicked] family.”
—Jackson Crawford, The Poetic Edda

They came to the community, far traveled, wise. They sat on a high seat in the great hall, and told of what was to come. Speaking in riddles, speaking in rhyme, they told what was necessary, and asked

Would you know more?

What is necessary in ethical oracular practice? What skills need to be developed to listen to Mystery, to discern what is yours and what is Wyrd, to speak clearly that which needs to be spoken? How do we balance ethics and ecstasy while serving communities? What is the role of the community as oracle?

Would you know more?

What does it mean to be humans who speak with the voice of the divine? How can we practice techniques to move past our personal filters in order to give messages grounded in ethical practice and responsibility? What does it mean to aspect a decent human being before we speak with the voice of Mystery?

Would you know more?

We call to those that desire responsibility and potency in oracular work. We call to those that would commune with the Divine in service to Community. Through divination, movement, music, sound, and aspecting we will develop our oracular skills, strengthening our personal and group accountability as well as our intuitive knowledge of the mysterious.

Prerequisites: Elements of Magic is not required to attend this path, but is strongly encouraged. Experience with ecstatic ritual and divinatory techniques is highly recommended. If you have any questions, contact River (river.roberts@gmail.com) and Amoret (loramarie.mcknight@gmail.com).