2019 Path Descriptions

The Ecstatic Body
Authenticity, Connection & Liberation
with Jane Meredith and Justin

‘as a sign that ye be truly free, you shall be naked in your rites…’ 

– Charge of the Goddess

In the center of the labyrinth we stand naked, revealed.
Will you become the mirror of the goddess, witnessing the living, ecstatic, embodiment of the divine? Will you drink of the mystery? Will you offer your hand, gaze into another’s eyes?
Each being here is the beloved.

We seek to dis-spell the body stories of the overculture and re-awaken our embodied selves. In our naked authenticity we become a source of connection, awareness, and co-creation with each other and the world around us. Entering the bracing work of shedding layers that keep us separate, we deepen our intimacy in this space of revealed vulnerability. At the heart of the labyrinth we seek and find each other and our relationship to the whole of nature and we dance ourselves awake.

In sacred space we strip off our clothes, our identities and our stories. Entering into deep engagement with ourselves and each other we will take steps towards individual and collective liberation from old stories and structures that keep us restricted, hidden and disconnected. Expect ecstatic movement, self discovery, deep witnessing, somatic mirroring, pair and small group work, emotional release, ritual and discussion. We seek to confront our stories of self and other, working to build bridges of connection and healing. We work the magic of liberation. This is a journey within the physical and imaginal realms of body.

my body is my very means of entering into relation with all things

-Spell of the Sensuous, David Abram

Path Requirements

  • We will be exploring deep intimacy. Nudity and emotional release work are part of this path.
  • Participants are expected to have established practices of self-care, self-responsibility, grounding, and working with personal shadow.
  • Experience with the Iron Pentacle is preferred.

The Priestess Step
Priestessing Skills from Core to Community
Dawn Isidora and Yule Danu

There is a seldom spoken of mystery associated with many ancient labyrinth forms. This mystery, known as The Priestess Step is a process and path of moving directly from the edge of to the heart of the labyrinth and back out again. To move from the individual experience to the communal experience smoothly and directly is our goal and our sacred art.

Inspired and inspiring priestessing begins at the core of the priestess and emanates outward. We begin our priestess step with the personal, with the Iron Pentacle points of Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion. That energy emanates out to the communal, to the Pearl Pentacle points of Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty and Wisdom. We will work with a ‘Bridge’ Pentacle and a practice of Connection, Integrity, Awareness, Responsibility and Temperance as we learn to walk this path – to take this step. As priestesses, we learn to exist and move on many levels simultaneously – from the personal to the communal and back again.

Step into the known and the unknown. Come join us to practice ritual priestessing skills of ecstatic invocations, trance, and perhaps some light aspecting. We will support each other in taking roles in the nighttime rituals and encourage participation in planning the community created ritual.

Come walk the labyrinth and be guided by its energy and your intuition. Around each turn we find ourselves again and again until – at the center – we bring forth that which needs expression, shifted, and changed in service to our community.

The Star Goddess reminds us, “For unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without.”

Prerequisites: Reclaiming Elements of Magic and Iron Pentacle.

Sustaining our Activism with the Pentacle of Purpose
Love Empower Heal Create Transform
Willow and SusanneRae

In this path we will work with ways to sustain our activism during these challenging times when again and again we are called to action. We value the voices and movements of dissent, knowing that our activism also demands more. We are learning that information doesn’t change minds easily, but hearts do. We will explore the power of devotion and the magic of resonance as we practice ways to create the energy within ourselves that we desire in the world. When we embody justice rooted in love, we can inspire new pathways through the hearts and minds of others and ourselves. By opening hearts, we change minds; supporting a movement of love that empowers, heals, creates and transforms all the worlds.

We will share devotional practices and invite you to share yours with the path in a daily practice each morning. We will build a labyrinth (perhaps many) together and work magic throughout the weekend to nourish us in our actions through meditation, oracular practices, shared skills, storytelling, movement, music, silence, ecstatic ritual, and other practices of power. We will emerge with more skills and magic to sustain our activism in the years ahead as we turn again and again along life’s labyrinthine path, making our way toward the center.

All levels of experience welcome.

Labyrinth of the Heart
Coyote and Jennifer Byers

It is time to plunge deep into your Heart. Have you secreted yourself away behind locked doors? Is there a longing or displacement deep within? In this path, we will step into the labyrinth of our own hearts. Sidestepping disappointment, heartbreak, pain, grief and hopelessness can harden the Heart. We journey there, through the labyrinth of our own bodies, pasts and selves. We greet the guardians that both keep us from ourselves and that keep our hearts for ourselves. There we are tested, as we make our way through this tangled maze. There is the center of all labyrinths. Will you make refuge in both love and grief? There is the portal to mystery.

This path is both devotional and diving. On this journey the “talking self” will become the sacred witness while the curious seeker plunges deep into the forgotten lands of the Heart. We will journal and move, trance and dance, work in words and in the long silence that descends through discomfort and into knowing. The task before us is to uncovering the locks that say “hide in here, you shan’t be free”. The work is to ritually unfasten the fetters. The play is in giving the Eros energy in our Hearts the freedom to roam. The hope is that we witness the gifts our wild Hearts bestow.

Bring a journal, a wounded and loving heart and a willingness to cross a threshold to the place within.

All are welcome.